"Provide Excellent Service to every Customers of Synthetic Leather", passed the process of Production certified by ISO 9001:2008

CARVIERO Automotive Synthetic Leather are the latest evolution in automotive industries all over the world because of its strength, pleasant feel and very luxurious with elegant look. Different from any fabrics material, synthetic leather is easy to be maintained and cleaned, keep your car seat free from stain, harmfull dust and mites.

CARVIERO Automotive Synthetic Leather made by CARVIERO, has been carefully designed to meet all the automotive specification requirements. Its proven quality has made CARVIERO passed the International Standard Testing (ISO 9001:2008), giving you the guarantee for Higher Satisfaction. Choosing CARVIERO as your upholstery will surely make your car looks more stylish, lucurious and most of all, having the best comfortability you can get.

Carviero Camry

Application for Automotive | synthetic leather for car cover sheet
Thickness: 1,2 mm
Double Knitted White

Carviero Uno

Carviero Automotive Synthetic Leather Launching CARVIERO UNO for lovers of the car’s Interior Modifications.

Bandung, Indonesia – Beginning the one of Carviero's product that is CARVIERO UNO, not only enlivened by the concepts and new automotive trends, but also Carviero new product launches as a new supporter of automotive life style with new designs and innovations. First promo done in Car Free Day Dago, Bandung CARVIERO UNO with the All New Toyota Avanza.

Carviero , specialist of car seat introduces a new variant with the name CARVIERO UNO , the result of merging, refinement and design innovation from Carviero Camry.

The presence of marked variants of Carviero Uno that always continue to innovates and makes creative ideas. The advantages of this brand-new product, the quality of the material is equal to the other products of Carviero which much in demand and most sold in the market such as Carviero Accura and Carviero Camry. In addition to strong and flexibility, Carviero Uno has the advantage of a much differentiate similar products because supported by Bayer Group with the formula Anti Bacterial and Anti-Fungi/Jamur.

"Carviero Uno is a high class and the best quality of product, innovation and support by new technologies in production and competitive rates in the market," said Handy Wiriatmaja,Carviero’s Marketing Manager. Variant of new the colors and patterns that answers to the requirement of every end user that related to current automotive trends.

For texture, Carviero Uno featuring motifs in other variants of skin texture of orange skin pattern and perforated/spots, as well as a new motif that is Scrape the model lines that are elegant and stylish.

Carviero known to connoisseurs of car’s automotive modification and automotive contest as synthetic leather upholstery and car’s interiors leathers.


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