Murano Highlight

Murano Highlights is the latest product introduced to the market in early 2013.

Murano Highlights variants emerged with a sparkling yet captivating colors combined with bright colors are striking but impressed Elegant.

Murano Highlights has 2 (two) color variants can be combined with Murano Platinum Plus and Blast.

Why Murano Hightlight?

  • Murano Highlight is specially designed for automotive interior needs.
  • Murano Highlight has passed certain test for Automotive use. Proven Quality.
  • Murano Highlight does not contain any metal substance, It’s Safe.
  • Murano Highlight has a built in anti UV, Guard the color from fading under sun heat.
  • Murano Highlight has a strong double knitted backing cloth. not easily scratched.
  • Murano Highlight is the only synthetic that gives a 2 year warranty.
  • Murano Highlight has the texture of a genuine leather.
  • Murano Highlight is the only synthetic leather that has a doff color that will drop the sun heat.
  • Murano Synthetic Leather has a high durability resistance.
  • Murano Synthetic Leather has a complete range of color variant.

Color Guide

* Please note that your screen brightness and color may cause difference with the real product.

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